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Elements Magic




The game is controlled by the mouse.

Game Details

Elements Magic

Welcome everybody to a world of elementals – a world of magic. Do you want to own all of the powerful magic and control the world, guys? Hurry up to play Elements Magic and start exploring how cool it is. In the game, players are a Human King who is the owner of some castles, but evil forces are on their way to dominate them. It is time to help the King defend his castles alongside army and destroy all of the enemies. There are 3 elements in the world including fire, ice, and thunder. At first, the players have to use these 3 elements to build a stable defense system around the castles. After that, place different weapons to set up a strong and fierce army. The more powerful you are, the weaker enemies are, guys. The journey starts now. The victory is waiting for you. Good luck, guys!

Date Added:2014-07-04

Category: Free Minecraft

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