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Enkai The Galactic War




Move with the arrows.
Launch missiles with A.
Avail main guns with S.

Game Details

Enkai The Galactic War

Take a bit of your spare time and try out Enkai The Galactic War, an interesting & addicting shooter game, now! What's the gameplay? Step into the main field and figure out!
Traveling to the Manako Galaxy, you soon found out that the Osiris Solar System has been taken over by a rogue alliance called 'the Liberators'. The only mission here is to execute the stealers to get back the solar power to free the planets. At this moment, jump on your aircraft and fly through space to shoot down the enemies with equipped weapons (guns and missiles). Remember to pick up upgrades to improve both the plane and shooting equipment. It's necessary to displace all opponents – avoid their deadly counter attacks or the game will be over.
Various bonuses are added in Enkai The Galactic War, so try to collect them all. Do your best to achieve the highest score!

Date Added:2016-05-16

Category: Craft Games

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