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Enslaving Davement




Move with arrows and jump with X.

Game Details

Enslaving Davement

Take the role as Duke and jump into Enslaving Davement, a platformer features an element of urgency and time, to experience a very unique adventure. Be ready, players?

You're a super fan of Davement, the famous '90s rock band. Because of that, you decide to travel back in time to 1990. Unfortunately, you are now stuck and alone. The only solution is to either steal all the notes of the songs and scatter all over the place where you go or make your way to the bed through different levels. Sounds ridiculous, huh? The game offers two types of stages – "Note" and "Sleep". In Note stages, you must collect as many notes as possible and reach the exit. Keep an eye out for anxiety disorder meds. Try to finish Sleep stages very quickly and convert the member of Davement.

Accomplishing the challenge of Enslaving Davement is not as easy as you think. Try your best!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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