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Exploration Lite Mining

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The arrows are for movement.
Spacebar is for placing bombs.

Game Details

Exploration Lite Mining

Destroy the blocks and work your way to treasure are what you are requested to perform in Exploration Lite Mining, players. This fun mining game features Minecraft theme – try now!

Once setting foot to the Minecraft world, the players have to help Steve, a miner who is trying to dig into the planet with his pickaxe. Dig for what? There is a big treasure (including a lot of diamonds, crystals, and other special items) from the middle of the earth. Sounds cool, huh? Give Steve great assistance to delve into the depth of the mine as fast as possible. Destroy blocks and, along the way, carefully gather all the items that can give you much more energy as well as other super powers to reach the middle of the earth successfully. At each level, cover more depth and escape the challenges for the high score.

Once deciding to enter the mine in Exploration Lite Mining, you cannot go up. Let’s see how far you can mine!

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