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Farm Craft 2




The mouse is used to interact with this management game.

Game Details

Farm Craft 2

Do you remember Ginger? She used to work as a farmer at a small town; and now, returning with Farm Craft 2, she's already a successful businesswoman. But, she still needs your help!
In this second chapter, Ginger is on the way visiting her grandparents and their farm; suddenly, she encountered a miserable man who knows nothing about farming. She promised to help him…what about you? Are you willing to support her? Keep in mind all the tips regarding farming from the previous chapter, and then, guide the man how to dig up grass, plant vegetables, manage the storage, and so on. A lot of challenges are waiting for you here: for instance, sneaking into the opponents' greenhouse to steal their seeds…watch out, you can be caught anytime. Get ready to create your own garden again?
New missions, new difficulty, and new stories, you will definitely have amazing moments in Farm Craft 2.

Date Added:2016-05-14

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