Final Siege




The mouse is used to control this game.

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Final Siege

In Final Siege, you will stray into a terrible city. The zombies appear and wander everywhere in the city. Most survivors have changed into zombies. You will take part in the final battle between humans and zombies. You must build a wise and powerful defense before the zombie hordes attack. You can place infantry, machine gun, mines or nets in their path and around the city. Nets are used to stop big packs of zombies. When needing help, you can also call in air-strikes. Killing zombies brings you gold. Besides, you can earn stars after completing the stages. These stars can be spent on upgrades. Use your weapons wisely in order that you can kill all of the zombies before they reach the destination. Be always ready for the battle because the zombies hordes may attack anytime. Don’t neglect! Now, let’s start Final Siege and have fun with it!

Date Added: 2014-12-17

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