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Flash Cat




Hop, brake, and steer left – right with the arrows.
Fire weapons with Spacebar.

Game Details

Flash Cat

Here comes Flash Cat, a quirky racing game introduced by Nitrome. Right after hitting the Play button, you will control a little cat and its bug-like vehicle to finish the task of this game.
The players, once entering the playing field, need to support the character to reach the final destination while staying on the track safely. Guide your cat to ride the legged craft on the space highway and try to get the goal as quickly as possible in each round. While moving, ask it to avoid all obstacles (angry aliens, roadblocks, etc.) or it will fall off the vehicle once colliding with them. There are a total of 18 challenging tracks here…can you confidently race across all? Twisting and turning as you go, and of course, don't forget jumping over barriers that block your way.
How many levels can you pass in Flash Cat? Hit the boosts, collect the tokens, and do best to gain the final victory!

Date Added:2016-05-16

Category: Craft Games

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