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Only the mouse is used to play this game.

Game Details


Get ready for some hard and extremely rough work in Grindcraft? Grab the tools and travel to the massive, fascinating Minecraft land to carry out the mission. Don't waste time anymore!
Are you able to create an awesome landscape here? Once deciding to play this game, the players' major objective is to cut down tinder and mine as much useful stuff as possible in order to craft new items. Look at the main screen! Quickly use a pickaxe and start crafting Minecraft blocks – click like crazy to unlock blocky, unique items. Try to fill your empty world with beautiful, nice things; right now, it just looks like a blank slate. Visit the 'Grinders' to get essential resources: when the craft is available, click it to create whatever you want as well as build structures.
Grindcraft is truly a cool idle clicker game. Why don't you give it a try and see how cool it is? Have a fun time!

Date Added:2016-05-16

Category: Craft Games

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