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Hover Crafty




Change gears with the Up – Down arrows.
Steer with the Left – Right arrows.

Game Details

Hover Crafty

Join us in Hover Crafty and check whether you can handle through the rushing river course in this addicting game. Will you gain the best record? Hit the Start button and enjoy!
Be a skillful driver; here, you're asked to take control a hovercraft – a brand-new vehicle created by you and other talented engineers. Let's test it out, players! Head toward the river and start the engine, and then, coordinate both your hands and eyes to deal with this cool vehicle. Press the prescribed keys gently to steer as well as change gears; also, pass rally checkpoints to continue. The goal in this game is – getting as far as you can in the time allowed. Along the way, collect clocks (extra time), rockets (fast rocket boost), and fuel tanks (hovercraft's maximum speed).
Avoid rocks and the river bank or they will slow you down. Make use of jumps when playing Hover Crafty for a quick speed burst.

Date Added:2016-05-14

Category: Craft Games

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