Idle God 3




Idle God 3 is controlled by using the left mouse.

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Idle God 3

Idle God 3 will take you to a mysterious island where there is no inhabitant. Do you believe that you can survive alone here? If yes, click Play to initiate this cool game and discover the island right away! Some activities the players may do in this place are to click on the bottom left icon to attain XP points and resources like gold, crystals, minerals, spend those precious items on upgrades like weapons, accessories, armor, anarchists, and other interesting jobs. The most special feature during the game is that after unlocking all 9 suggested endings, the players can find out the conclusion to the secret story behind magical landscapes of the island. At times, stacks of dollars may suddenly appear somewhere. Carefully observe the whole game field to see and collect them for the total budget. There is no time to hesitate! Now it’s time for your clicks! Come on!

Date Added: 2014-06-06

Category: Free Minecraft

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