Infected Pixel

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WASD keys are to move.
Mouse is to aim & shoot.
Q is to change weapon.
E is to purchase health & ammos.

Game Details

Infected Pixel

Oh, no! Zombies are everywhere in Infected Pixel, buddies! How to escape from this terrified place? Try to survive 5 waves of the zombie attack from all the sides. Be brave!
Jumping into this 3D pixelated world, your ultimate mission is to stop the outbreak of the bloodthirsty creatures as soon as possible. How? Quickly purchase ammo and be ready to fight like there's no tomorrow with the deadly undead. Prepare the gun, and then, shoot bullets toward the enemies to kill them all. Don't let them infect innocent humans – move through the spaces and confidently blast the zombies all to pieces. You need to stay alive in this place as you're the only hope of the citizens here. Kill more zombies for more money: take the earned money to buy health, advanced weapons, and more to aid you on the later duties.
Can you gather all the important elements to craft a deadly cure on the enemies? Have a good time in Infected Pixel!

Date Added: 2016-05-16

Category: Craft Games

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