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Isteroth Defense




Control the mouse to deal with the mission.

Game Details

Isteroth Defense

Head to Isteroth Defense and save the world by defeating the enemy waves attacking your settlement. What is really happening in this game? Tap START and play hard for any challenge!

The orcs and goblins are determined to prepare a campaign against the human race. To stop the oncoming waves of creeps, quickly prepare your defense by building your base that consist of defense towers along the way. Don’t let them complete the path. The more enemies you kill, the more gold you earn. Use the money to buy more powerful turrets to take on the weak forces. Keep managing and upgrading your turrets to get to higher levels. There are 6 types of towers to choose from – using all to stop 10 different types of creeps attacking in waves.

You have just a short amount of time in Isteroth Defense to get everything ready. Hope you success!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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