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The mouse is to craft.

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A turbulent war is taking place in a very fantastic game – Jacksmith. Want to take part in and see what happens, guys? If you are curious about that, let’s play the game now. This time, players will be a well-known crafter. Now, their main task is to open a crafting store and help everyone have powerful weapons to fight against dark forces and hostile creatures. At first, the players need to take note of customers’ requirements. Then, go to the store and choose the right objects to make those weapons. During the game, don’t let the customers wait so long, or they will be angry and leave from your store. Besides, try to serve them well to gain high tips. After earning a large amount of money, don’t forget to buy more objects and upgrade your store to attract more clients. Enjoy and have fun, guys!

Date Added:2014-08-16

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