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Legyfare Wars Online

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Move: Arrow keys.
Aim, shoot, and zoom in/out: Mouse.
Jump: Spacebar.
Duck: Ctrl key.
Crouch: C key.

Game Details

Legyfare Wars Online

Welcome you all to Legyfare Wars Online, a Minecraft-styled multiplayer shooter game, fellows! Instantly visit the fantastic 3D environments with us and relish the moments.
Once getting self-dipped in this game, your mission is to fight against other players from around the world to become the last person standing on the ground. Sounds awesome, right? What are you waiting for? Choose between 2 primary modes: Police vs. Robbers or Police vs. Girls; then, time to take action! Move around, fire lego blocks, and make use of your advanced gun to kill the enemies. Find dozens of weapons on the fields – later, use them all to defeat the opponents entirely. Be careful; otherwise, you will get shot by the rivals at any time.
A lot of fun and challenges are waiting for you in Legyfare Wars Online. Feel free to play and good luck!

Date Added:2016-05-16

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