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Little Samson

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Move and duck: Arrow keys.
Jump: Z.
Shoot: X.

Game Details

Little Samson

If you are looking for a game that's quite similar to the Mega Man series, we recommend you to try Little Samson, an action packed side-scrolling adventure game.

The game begins simply enough – after a thunderstorm freed an evil prince from his seal, the world is suddenly in peril. To raise the kingdom from the darkness, the King decides to summon four heroes to help him. From here, players can choose from different characters, each with their own unique powers, to go on various quests to defeat Ta-Keed, the Prince of Devil. Through different levels, you will encounter several monsters; it's up to your strategy to choose which hero will fight the boss. Destroying the enemies can unlock hidden power-ups that help the characters stronger.

Be wise to utilize all four heroes to save the kingdom. Much fun in Little Samson and succeed, guys!

Date Added:2016-09-10

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