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Make Birds Craft




Take control of the mouse to discover the game.

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Make Birds Craft

You all are familiar with the game 'Angry Birds', right? That's such a popular game; and by visiting Make Birds Craft, you have an opportunity to create your favorite birds. How fun it is!
Playing the birds decorating fun game, the players are asked to combine different parts of all the birds. Accessing the main screen, you'll see four types of birds – Red the Angry Bird, Chuck, Bomb, and a normal bird. Quickly assemble all the parts of each bird correctly to make it look real. The time is limited so you need to act as fast as possible; otherwise, the game will be over. In general, this is a very simple yet interesting game, and we think you can surely finish building all the birds within the specified time without any trouble.
Can't wait any longer, right? Enter Make Birds Craft and select the bird you prefer most first to play. Good luck!

Date Added:2016-05-14

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