Master Of Fortresses




The left mouse is the chief tool to play this game.

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Master Of Fortresses

More and more kinds of online games have been launched, and this confuses you with selecting the funny and suitable ones to play. We advise you to try Master Of Fortresses since it's really a nice choice. Actually, it's for individuals being fond of the Tower Defense game. Explore it now!

In this game, everything each player must care about is to defend the major blockhouse against ugly invaders by deploying the home troop, building towers, high walls, or setting up traps along the pathway. It's interesting that the foes will be defeated if such the deployment is set up perfectly. After the amount of money is accumulated from the previous campaigns, let's expand the main fortress by purchasing upgrades.

How funny! Master Of Fortresses may be a chance for you to train skills of a general. Try it now!

Date Added: 2015-08-28

Category: Strategy Games

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