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Mine Blocks 1.23



Use the mouse to mine Use the A, D key or the right and left arrow keys to walk Use the spacebar or the W key to jump Use the mouse and the Shift key to place a block

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Mine Blocks 1.23

Do you think building a world is very easy? Do you believe that you can reclaim an exhausted land for a richer land? You can make your thought come true by joining Mine Blocks. In order to start building your world, you have to prepare a lot of things regarded as a farmer’s tools such as hoes, pickaxes, torches and other things. Do you know how to create these tools? You need items what are collected from destroying blocks on the screen in order to craft tools. And then enter the Instruction to watch crafting recipes. Use the needful keys on the keyboard to control the Minecraft guy or use the mouse to collect blocks.

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