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Mine Blocks 2



The left mouse with the key – A, D and W are to enjoy this version.

Game Details

Mine Blocks 2

Hey! You are playing a lot of Minecraft games. So have you ever played the latest alpha version – Mine Blocks 2 of Alex Lanzetta (Zanz or Zanzlanz)? This version 2.0.5 is but the small game from the series of Minecraft adventure game – Mine Blocks. Zanz made Mine Blocks 2 on January 7th, 2012. Mining is the important skill of this version. Several of resources exist everywhere. Those resources are trees, dirt, rocks, coals, sapling, sugar canes, golden cobblestones, sand and other things. Get all of these resources right now! The upper resources are helpful to build a house or mansion, etc. Be careful with the long jumps! If you jump from the high place to the low place, your heart will leave. The distance is very far for this thing.

Date Added:2013-04-12

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