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Mine Runner 1

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The attacking skill is used by clicking on W key.
Movement skills are controlled by using the A and D keys. Utilize the S key to duck anything. Space bar is used to jump.

Game Details

Mine Runner 1

Have all the players ever played a 3D Minecraft adventure game? If the answer NO is given, let’s be one of the best runners in the game Mine Runner 1 right now. In the game, temple is a place which has many obstacles or the dangerous creatures like zombies, lava, green fences, and any other ones. Losing the game is due to hitting one of these items. Thus, the Minecraft players need to try to use some fluent skills to run along the path and avoid them. With the final objective of getting the farthest distance, they have to use the keys on the keyboard cleverly. Once the players can not pass a barrier, a red board will occur. Play the game to know all information in this board. Enjoy!

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