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Mine Runner 2 New Version

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The arrow keys are to control the boy.
Space bar is to attack.

Game Details

Mine Runner 2 New Version

Welcome to the newest version – Mine Runner 2 New Version! Guys, the second version has many new features. Come on and enjoy them now. It is definitely you will be addicted to its magnificence. In the game, players will become a superhero to help a Minecraft boy escape from a dangerous world. He was on his way to come back home; suddenly, a series of hungry creepers chased him. As a result, he got lost in their world. Let’s come and save him. It is time to guide him through all of the obstacles and reach the exit soon. During the rescue, never let him touch walls, trees, rocks, stones, people, houses, and the creepers, or the game will stop immediately. Once nearly approaching enemies, use the sword to kill them. Along the way, don’t miss collecting gold for more points. The longer the boy stays alive, the cooler score will be. Have fun, guys!

Date Added:2014-03-05

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