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Mine Warfare




ASDW keys are to move.
J key is to place bombs.

Game Details

Mine Warfare

At the moment, deadly zombies are controlling most of the lands of farmers in Mine Warfare. They are planning to build houses and bases there. As a commander representing the justice, you will sacrifice yourself to save these innocent people.

Get ready to receive your mission, guys? Play the game and start fighting against the zombies. Look! Many enemy troops are prowling around their captured lands. Hurry up to break into and reach them. After that, place bombs to wipe them out. The more zombies are destroyed, the more weapons are unlocked. Use tanks and turrets to support you in beating all troops, guys. Don't forget to blow up trees to gain various rewards and props which help to increase powers and boost the score. Try to avoid shots from the enemy to survive for long.

Enjoy Mine Warfare and have fun, guys!

Date Added:2015-03-04

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