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Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7



The answers of the questions in this version 1.4.7 are chosen by using the left mouse.

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Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7

Wow! The colorful and vivid background of the game Minecraft Quiz V1.4.7 will attract all the Minecraft gamers’ interests. To master all the queries of this quiz game about unmodded Minecraft and vanilla version, the Minecraft girls/boys are able to follow some following steps. First of all, before starting any question, they can not neglect an important mission about reading the questions clearly and carefully. Second, let’s compare the content of these quizzes with the answers. Then the gamers may click on one of the grey buttons – the answers showing up under each question. Are you pleased to get the checkpoints? This point will appear after all 5 answers are successfully given out. Try to avoid the incorrect answers to have a chance for approaching the last quiz. Good luck to you, guys!

Date Added:2013-10-16

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