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Minecraft Skin Editor



Use the mouse to form the new skin for the character.

Game Details

Minecraft Skin Editor

You’re a crazy Minecraft fan, right? Are you familiar with all kinds of the Minecraft games? Do you remember how each character looks like? Certainly, each one has a different feature such as appearance or personality. Do you love changing a new look for some favorite Minecraft characters? If it’s really your expectation, don’t take too much time of hesitation. Come to Minecraft Skin Editor right now! There are 6 new skins in total. Choose one among the 6 skins. Then click on New Layer to start the main task. Next, pick one of the 2 options like Pre-made and Custom. In each option, the players will carefully be instructed so that they can create another wonderful skin for their character. It’s time to utilize their endless creativity to design the new skin. After completing the task, post it online or share it to friends. Sounds terrific, right? So take a chance and enjoy this cool game now!

Date Added:2013-12-07

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