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Mini Tower Defence Plus



Use the mouse to play this game

Game Details

Mini Tower Defence Plus

Protecting your land by tower defenses from attacks of enemies is considered as your essential work in the Mini Tower Defence Plus. You will start the game only with the first mission because other missions are locked. They are only unlocked when you finish the first mission successfully. Play the first level to discover other missions of the game! Firstly, the game will sell various towers and some weapons for the defense such as basic tower, fast tower, super tower, freeze tower, poison tower, multi fire, small bomb and mega bomb. However, you are only allowed to buy these within available amount of money. Click your towers which you can afford to buy and then put them in positions along sides of the path in order to fire at your enemies. Try to kill as many monsters as possible in order to go up your scores. Let’s start now!

Date Added:2013-05-01

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