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Minibot Xp




Arrows: Move.
X: Absorb and drop cube.
Z: Attack.

Game Details

Minibot Xp

Help Minibot Xp defend the human body from multiple viruses that may cause terrible infections. This cool platformer offers you a full pack of 50 levels including 4 abilities and 12 different enemies.

A chemist’s daughter has been infected with numerous kinds of bad viruses. The only way to help her is to embed a robot in her body. Our mini hero will fight against any potential threat that may harm the poor girl. Your main objective is to help him destroy all malignant microbes as fast as possible. Make use of your ability to absorb things and drop blocks to clear the task easily. In each level, try to deliver and complete your task within the requested period (100 seconds). The moment the enemies get to the human’s heart, the game will be over.

The medicine is the future, and it is you. Become a b Minibot Xp and protect the girl character’s body from the virus attacks. Good luck!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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