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Use the Enter key to launch the Digger.
Use the right and left arrow keys to turn the direction of the Digger.
The left mouse is used to fire. Super Booster is used by pressing the key Down arrow.

Game Details


Hi, guys who are joining and playing most of the Minecraft games! Let’s become the white man in the game MoMiner in order to discover one of his inventive machines. Its name is the Super Duber Digger, and the location of this machine is at a large desert. Here, the under ground has lots of the shiny ores including red, grey, yellow, brown, and pink. Active the Digger by hitting the key Enter! As a result, it will go deeply into the earth. The Minecraft players need to master the Digger to get all the above items for owning the gold which is used to buy some new things (7 basic skills) in the shop and increase the powers of their machine. In addition, they will be able to take the light green ore or barrels of the oil if they want to go deeper. Have fun!

Date Added:2013-10-16

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