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Monster World Iv

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Left/right arrows: Move
Down arrow: Use the shield.
C: Jump.
X: Attack and interact.

Game Details

Monster World Iv

Have you checked out Monster World Iv yet? This sequel is a part of the Wonder Boy – Monster World series. Continuing the journey in the prequels, players will have to face more challenges and discover new things.

The story involves a young girl named Asha, who claims that she can hear the spirits' whisper. The game starts when the spirits ask for her help. Our main character decides to embark on a journey to find and aid them. Along the way, she will become the master of a genie and will adopt a cute creature called Pepelogoo. Play as Asha, the players' objective is to fight a variety of monsters as well as interact with non-playable characters while walking along a 2D landscape. When you cannot deal with the problem on your own, it's a must to utilize Pepe's abilities, such as clogging a lava geyser with his flame body.

How great Monster World Iv is? Have fun with this action-adventure platform game!

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