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The arrows: Move.
Z: Jump.
X: Attack and interact.
C: Avail tools.

Game Details


Hurry to land on Phoenotopia and join Gale in a dangerous journey in order to save her village and fellows from evil aliens. There's no time for hesitation, players…tap Start and take on the quest.

In this platforming adventure game, you play as Gale, a pink-haired character whose simple life as a farm girl from a small farming town. Suddenly one day, lots of strange alien ships come and abduct everyone in the village. It's up to you to rescue them, as a loyal denizen and a survivor of the incident. Quickly head out into the world and find out what happened to your friends and family. Along the way, make use of bats, slingshots, bombs, and other items to combat deadly creatures as well as solve different puzzles encountering. Interact with dozens of colorful characters while moving through the mysterious world to get hints.

Can Gale find and release all the captured villagers in Phoenotopia? Wish you luck!

Date Added:2016-09-06

Category: Craft Games

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