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Raft Surfer




Avail the arrows to jump, duck, and steer left – right.

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Raft Surfer

Take part in Raft Surfer and meet Chimpoo – a mischievous monkey. He loves water; that’s why he already prepared for a wet and wild rush of adrenaline in this adventure game.
Hit Start and be his companion during the amazing journey. Are you ready to bring on the rapids? Time to action! Playing this game, the players are required to surf away on the speedy raft and surf across the waves with Chimpoo. Express your incredible driving skill to help him steer in the right direction. Since he is riding on the slopes of a mountain river, will he be able to cope with all the obstacles? Guide the monkey to jump over or slide under the dangerous objects or he will fall into the water. Remember to collect as many bananas as possible for bonus points.
Set a strategic plan to deal with the difficulty in Raft Surfer. Have fun paddling upstream with Chimpoo!

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