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Raft Wars




Make use of the mouse to set angle & power and get shot.

Game Details

Raft Wars

As the title suggests – Raft Wars describes a battle between two naughty boys and the villains of the high seas. Do you want to participate in this thrilling war? Come on, guys!
What's the story in the game? Simon – a baby boy – has hit the jackpot: while having fun on the beach, he suddenly discovered a chest including gold and diamonds amounting over 10 million dollars. This news spread like wildfire, and people start to claim the treasure is theirs. At this moment, the players need to team up with Simon and his brother to defend their find from the attacks of greedy enemies. Stay still on your raft and make powerful shots to defeat the opponents. What you can do now is relying on your instincts when it comes to the strength and angle of your shots.
You will face with different yet familiar characters in Raft Wars, such as the neighbors, pirates, Vikings, etc. Upgrade your raft and purchase advanced equipment!

Date Added:2016-05-14

Category: Craft Games

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