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Raft Wars 2




Aim and fire the enemies with the mouse.

Game Details

Raft Wars 2

No way! Someone built a water park right on top of Simon's buried treasure. It's time to team up with the naughties and jump into Raft Wars 2 to force the water park close. Be quick, guys!
Overcoming all the battles in the first chapter, Simon and his bro thought their troubles were over; however, they were just the beginning. This time, these two have to participate in another shooting war to protect their precious treasure. Remember the gold and diamonds that Simon discovered in the previous game? In order to keep them safe, the boys decided to bury everything under the island…the point is – a huge water park is going to be placed on top of the treasure. Your job is to assist the two brothers battle their way through the water-park area to retrieve the beloved treasure. Prepare the weapons and shoot tennis balls to knock out all the opponents on the other side of the pool.
Can you blast them all into the water in Raft Wars 2? Upgrade your raft and ammo for the final fight!

Date Added:2016-05-16

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