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All of the options in the game are controlled by the mouse.

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You want to become a creator of the skin of the Minecraft character, do not you? Hi! All of the Minecraft fan! Let us use a Minecraft skin creator – Skincraft! Afro-Ninja and theswain are a Minecraft team who makes this tool. It is easy to create the skins according to the Minecraft players’ style. This tool has 4 basic options – NEW SKIN, IMPORT SKIN, LOAD DATA, and VIEW UPLOADS. Beginning a new skin is clicking on the button NEW SKIN. To goal, the Minecraft players are able to choose an original skin from 6 skins – Robot, Minecraft Guy, Skin 3, Blank, Skin 2, and Skin 1. With 2 buttons in the NEW LAYER, the players may choose one of parts to change skin of your Minecraft character. When your character is complete, you can choose a background under the character.

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