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The Lair

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Move: Arrow keys.
Attack: X.
Shield: Z

Game Details

The Lair

Be well-prepared and access The Lair now, warriors. Unsheathe the sword and attack non-stop the monsters in this pixelated retro-style fantasy side scrolling hack and slash game. Get started!

Right after hitting the Play button, you are in a dangerous world. The urgent things to do are – preparing your weapon (sword and shield) and stepping inside the evil lair to defeat bunches of abominable foes. Feel free to stab, dash, and charge attack your way through all three levels…let's show the Dark Lord who the truly boss is. Can you conquer the darkness and bring back the light to the world. The game here features 5 levels of difficulty: Friendly, Normal, Hard, Nightmare, and Hell. The Normal level actually already challenging for casual players, but you could always try your skills by choosing harder levels.

Bravely slash your way against various enemies in The Lair; simultaneously, beware of their attacks.

Date Added:2016-09-08

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