The Platform




Press WASD or Arrows to move, jump, and duck.
Press Space to slow down time.

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The Platform

Are you a big fan of puzzle game? If so, be nimble-footed to enter The Platform and help a little boy overcome a big challenge there. No time for thinking, guys! Come on!

This game has 3 main elements – speed, danger, and difficulty – that can make you feel excited from the first-time playing. Play now! Look! The boy is standing on a long platform, and your primary goal is to – defending him from being hitting by countless hard blocks that are falling from the sky. In general, players have to keep him surviving on the platform as long as possible. Bear in mind that the game's speed will increase gradually. Try to avoid all the obstacles, but the character is just allowed to move along the platform. Never let him tumbles down onto the ground; otherwise, he will die right away.

Follow all the instructions to conquer The Platform. Hope you have amazing moments with this game!

Date Added: 2015-09-19

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