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Tomb's Secrets Egypt




Control two archeologists with WASD and arrow keys.
Press Tab to switch the character.

Game Details

Tomb's Secrets Egypt

A very dangerous adventure is soon to begin in Tomb's Secrets Egypt. Join two archeology experts in the journey of discovering the mysteries of the ancient Egyptian tombs. Hurry up!

This two-player platformer puzzle game gives you a job – taking control of both archeologists who is going to pass through the pyramid. Help them dig for a very precious treasure, and your ultimate goal is to guide the pair of adventurers to reach the top of the tombs before they collapse. Two is always better than one. Let your characters work together to overcome huge variety of obstacles and pitfalls. Each has their very own different controls and abilities – using their best teamwork to face mummies, traps, and any kind of special dangers.

Collect diamonds along the way, also. Will these adventurers find the exit door of all levels in Tomb's Secrets Egypt successfully? Have a safe trip!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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