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Unit 2

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Shoot with mouse.
Move with WASD.
Jump with Space.
Open Inventory with E.

Game Details

Unit 2

Time to go explore a city full of zombies! Are you brave enough, guys? Grab your gun and instantly rush into Unit 2, an exciting Minecraft shooting adventure game in first-person style, for action.

Not just a mere short term zombie survival game, here there are bunches of bloodthirsty enemies awaiting you. Attempting to survive waves of the horrifying undead while lacking food, water, and shelter is your goal. Can you enable to find a life in the middle of this madness? Quickly run around the procedural world and seek raw materials; however, only collecting is not enough. As you are in the area of zombies, it’s obvious that some can suddenly attack you any time. It’s necessary to create an environment for lurking before you gather the needed amount of ammo and gun.

Will you defeat all the zombies before they end your life? Enjoy Unit 2 in perfect 3D graphics for fascinating moments.

Date Added:2016-11-25

Category: Mine Games

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