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Utopian Mining



X, Left arrow, M, Right arrow, I, Down arrow, J, C, and Up arrow, keys are used to play Utopian Mining.

Game Details

Utopian Mining

A Minecraft fan – Schulles made the best adventure game Utopian Mining for all players. Selecting a little robot from 3 available robots with the digging machine is to start this game. The players have to help the most of people at the small town because it is ravaged by a storm. At the moment, the Minecraft players must get money from mining the ores under the ground. When getting full of 10 items in the inventory, they will be able to return to the surface of the ground. Come to the building SELLSTATION to buy all of things. Each of the ores will have the various values: ruby – 750 pounds; diamond – 1500 pounds; gold – 100 pounds; coal – 25 pounds; iron – 50 pounds; wolfram – 250 pounds; and smaragd – 500 pounds. Find the first person called John in order to get his request right now! Good luck to you, guys!

Date Added:2013-10-16

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