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WASD are to move.
E is to talk.
J is to pull out the gun.
K is to shoot.
R is to reload.

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When your family is murdered, you set out into the world to take revenge. Quickly run into Westerado and take control of your own fate. What is waiting for you in this retro-style shooting game?

You are a strong-silent-type cowboy, who is returning home from chasing down a stray buffalo. Reaching the front yard, you discover an unexpected tragedy – your parents and beloved brother are killed by a mysterious desperado. Revenge is the best answer, but first you need to gather vital clues to identify the exact murderer. Get a pen and paper and write down your jobs including any important topic the people you meet talk about. You have to take a lot of work, like traveling all over the land, protecting caravans, rooting out bandits, etc., to get the clues to the killer's appearance.

Can you track down the villain and gain the justice for your family? Go to Westerado and take action!

Date Added:2016-09-10

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