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Western Craft




Move and jump: WAD or arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.

Game Details

Western Craft

What kind of mission you need to carry out in Western Craft? Role-playing a wise thief, your job is to rob the money in a bank. Will you succeed? Tap Play and check your skills via this game.
Quickly sneak into the main location – the bank, and then, try to distract the guards and take away the money. Once you're found out, don't hesitate to use the gun to shoot the guards down in time before the sheriff comes. In each level, aside from the coin pockets, the players should collect the key to unlock exit gate. While moving around, avoid colliding with spikes and other traps or obstacles; otherwise, you will die right away. Pay attention to the speed is very essential if you crave for a win – right after seeing the guards, hurry to avail your weapon before getting shot.
Are you able to make out the task in Western Craft? Wish you hit the target and have a great time here!

Date Added:2016-05-14

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