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Whack A Craft



The mouse is to shoot, and is to craft in Whack a Craft

Game Details

Whack A Craft

The tiles are made from lots of different materials such as sand, coal, wooden plank, rocks, golden ore, and more. They are appearing from the cave (or field) of the Minecraft shooting game – Whack A Craft. To protect your body from a danger of creeper, the Minecraft players have to craft some armors and weapons. When the creepers are close to your body, he will explode instantaneously. A result of this terrible thing is that the heart will lose several of them. Shooting the tiles is to mine the upper materials. Then, the players need to consult some crafting recipes in the PROTIP to make several of weapons and armors. Relax with this game now!

Date Added:2013-04-08

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