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Zombies Show Alpha

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Arrow or ASDW keys are for movement.
The left mouse is to shoot.
The R key is to reload.
The 1-4 keys are to switch weapons.

Game Details

Zombies Show Alpha

Zombies Show Alpha leads us to the city under clutches of the walking dead. Somehow, they are bly growing and spreading through the city. A volunteer as well as a hero is trying to cope with them to recover the peace here. Would you like to become his assistant in the journey to exterminate them? Here we go!

First, each player is provided with a weapon (a sharp knife). Be clever to use it and kill the first zombies flocking to the main character's position. Later, after a group of those enemies have fallen down, money will be automatically added to the fund. Remember to spend it on upgrades and boosts to increase his power and energy. Travel around the city to detect the enemies and defeat them now!

Come to Zombies Show Alpha and help the citizens right away! Good luck!

Date Added:2015-04-06

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