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A Story




The arrows are for moving and jumping.
X is for continue.

Game Details

A Story

Everyone has their own story. The character in this physics-based adventure platformer also has A Story for himself. Feel curious about it? Want to discover it? Go with us now!

Ted, the protagonist here, is on his way to the Dark Lord’s castle in order to rescue his family and friends. Are you willing to give him a hand? Guide the little boy to run and jump from platform to platform and collect coins as many as possible. Through different levels, Ted also needs to gather a number of diamonds scattered along the way for bonus. Most importantly, avoid touching the evil minions or you will die immediately. The only way to kill them is to jump on their head, remember. Be careful while moving to not fall into the water.

Will our boy complete his story with a happy ending? Join A Story and help him deal with all difficulties. Good luck!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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