Alien Craft




Click the left mouse to control your army.

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Alien Craft

Attention, people! The evil aliens are planning to attack us – humans – and invade our peaceful planet. Hurry to access Alien Craft and stop the enemies from carrying out this terrible thing.
Players, you are the only hope for all Earth citizens, bear in mind. Set foot to the playground and start building various structures to deal with the enemies' waves. At first, mine as many resources as possible since they are very essential for the upcoming battles. Then, from the Barracks building, try to recruit the best team of powerful soldiers. Command them to head towards the enemy side and take action – continuously shooting bullets at the aliens' territory until it crashes down. Avoid being shot by the foes; also, protect your structures at all cost.
As the game progresses in Alien Craft, you can unlock more units, buildings, and other cool equipment for the combat. Much fun!

Date Added: 2016-05-13

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