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Control Craft

If you are a huge fan of strategy games, you can't miss Control Craft – an addictive, fast real-time strategy game. Let's play and conquer 13 challenging levels clear, all fellows!
No matter which battle you are participating in, the main goal is always defeating the enemies. Do you have confidence? Take action now! Here, the players must command the troops to attack and take over the enemy colonies in each level. Be quick thinking and always prepare wise tactic if you crave for the victory in every battle. Pay attention to the Barracks – this is the place where new units are created, and the strength of your army depends on the number of Barracks occupied by your troops. The Armory tower can help the soldiers 2.5 times stronger than normal, while the Jumper building allows players to send the units by air.
Remember, in Control Craft, you can only send half of the troops to other places. Wish you succeed!

Date Added: 2016-05-11

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