Crafty Neighbor Dog




Click the left mouse to find bones.

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Crafty Neighbor Dog

When a mother cat woke up in the morning, she notices that her little kitten is already trapped by the Crafty Neighbor Dog. How to get her kid back? Are you willing to give the cat help?
In order to rescue the lovely kitten, your goal is to support the mother cat to collect enough 10 bones and deliver them to the dog. The point is – it's not easy to find all the requested items since they are all hidden in different spots. Let's see how your observation skill is in this 'hidden object' game. Look around the garden and give the best that you can – once 10 bones are gathered, the dog will instantly give the cat a key to unlock her child in return. Also, you need to keep your eyes over the timer too; if you don't accomplish the objective on time, you may not save the kitten.
Crafty Neighbor Dog is such a simple game for playing. Don't hesitate to give your leisure a boost via this game.

Date Added: 2016-05-12

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