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The main control in this game is the mouse.

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Crazy Craft

Are you craving to learn about crafting vehicles? If so, Crazy Craft is definitely a good choice for you. Aside from crafting stuff, you need to complete an important task to beat the game.
What objective is waiting for you? This physics-based game allows you to build a specific car the way you like it and get the craft to the end of the track in each level. It's such an interesting idea, isn't it? Apparently an easy job, but the players who have played the game before know that the truth is different. If you want to create a vehicle, all you need is two windows – the Assembly Window (where you put all the parts together to build your craft) and the Parts Window (showing all the available parts). Once connecting the engine, the body and the tires, click on the Go button to let your crazy vehicle cross the Finish line.
Complete all the stages in Crazy Craft, guys. Slowly activate the engine and begin the adventure!

Date Added: 2016-05-13

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