Creep Craft 2 Demo




Arrows are to move.
Space is to attack.
Left mouse is to select things.

Game Details

Creep Craft 2 Demo

Grab this chance and return to the creepy Minecraft world again, guys! Once traveling to Creep Craft 2 Demo, you will role-play a tiny green creeper (just like the first chapter).
In this Minecraft-inspired adventure platform game, your mission is surviving from the attack of all dangerous creatures. Get it? To achieve a win here, it's a must to prepare a weapon for the upcoming battles. Move around the land and gather necessary items (wood, rocks, etc.), and then, craft a sharp sword for the creeper. Make use of the weapon to defeat the zombies as well as hunt pigs to boost your strength. Remember not to sneak outside at night; otherwise, you will be attacked badly. This new version includes more cool features and beautiful graphics for self-discovery.
Express your abilities and skills to gain the victory in Creep Craft 2 Demo. Hope you have a great time!

Date Added: 2016-05-13

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