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Arrows are to move.
Z is to shoot.
X is to jump.

Game Details


Save the world from Evilbots! Follow the adventure of a little boy, in this great action platformer, as he is on the way to destroy robots and retrieve blueprints. No time for hesitation!

The retro-styled game here is a standard jump and shoot title filled with tile-based backgrounds and numerous enemies. Your major goal here is to stop the world wide robot invasion by moving ahead and shooting down all the evil robots. Try to collect the coins and zap the robots on your way; then, collect the secret blueprint in each level for the escape. Keep in mind that secret weapon upgrades give your character more muscle to take on the robot menace…you can also find the weapons like machine gun, bazooka, etc. by observing the given map.

Destroy all the Evilbots before they catch you. Play hard for the best record!

Date Added:2017-02-09

Category: Other Games

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