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Press WASD to move.
Press X to eat and throw stuff.

Game Details


Are you ready to play Hamstix, a fun adventure game, fellows? Meet Bob, a smart hamster, which is on his way rescue his friends and give him great assistance immediately.

Bob have made great friends with a bunch of bats; sadly, these buddies now are in some serious danger. It's time to do your job! Guide the hamster to break all the cages and rescue the bats. Use the advantage of Bob’s size and gifted ability of agility and speed to jump through the hoops. Collect stars and get rid of the slimy enemies on the way. Make sure he walks carefully and watch out the bush that could hurt him. Each round is different but his task is still the same – can our adorable hamster pass 16 different levels successfully?

Reach your goal in Hamstix as quick as possible? Try to save the caged bats as they deserve to move freely. Have fun!

Date Added:2017-02-09

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